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and our methods

Having cultivated vines in different Chablis appellations for over 40 years, today in the Auxerrois vineyard, and more specifically in Vermenton, we are developing new projects.


Since 2018, we have been building a Domain from scratch to produce Coteaux Bourguignons, white Burgundies as well as Crémants de Bourgogne, all with the same objective of giving excellent value for money and instant pleasure.

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Since 2013, the year we took over the estate, we have continued investing in efficient products. This technology allows us to work with greater precision and thereby reduce our impact on the environment. Whether in the vineyard or the cellar, innovation remains our top priority.


In the vineyard, by combining continuous observation and high-performance equipment, we can reduce the use of phytosanitary products by 30%. The use of plant nutrients is calculated by continuous observation of the vines, soil analysis and again the use of equipment with on-board weighing for greater precision in the spreading of organic products that we use most of the time.

In the cellar, our investments allow us to better express the unique character of our terroirs. Thanks to thermo-regulation we no longer use certain yeasts and our farming methods tend towards a very measured use of sulfites (between 50 and 75 mg / l of Total SO2). Always with the greatest respect for our products and the reduction of dissolved oxygen, we have installed a bottling line under inert gas which naturally protects the wines. In addition to the benefits that our wines can derive from this new approach, it also has the advantage of reducing the arduous nature of the work for our operators.

The combination of all these measures and investments will allow us to gain the HVE 3 standard and we should be certified in spring 2020, which is a guarantee of security and quality for our customers.

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